Disadvantages Of Cardboard Storage

Like I have said before in this blog if some comes with advantages then there are also disadvantages to the product as well. You can see we have talked about advantages of cardboard storage already in the blog. Now its time to discuss and describe a little bit about the disadvantages of using cardboard boxes as well. Just like with the advantages of cardboard, there is also one major disadvantage to the cardboard storage as well.

Disadvantages Of Cardboard Storage

The one major disadvantage of cardboard storage is durability. Although cardboard is very in-expensive, and you can get the product almost anywhere. That doesn’t make the cardboard durable and having the ability to stand up to harsh indoor, or outdoor conditions, and situations. For example, if you have packed valuable electronic equipment, or appliances into cardboard boxes. If those cardboard boxes get wet in anyway the water will eventually, get through the boxes to ruin your expensive equipment. Here is a small list of the disadvantages of cardboard storage:


  • Durability
  • Unable to Resist Weather
  • Not a Space Saver
  • Cannot Keep Out Damaging Properties

Those are just some of the disadvantages that cardboard storage boxes have. If your thinking about using cardboard storage then you need to make sure that you are not going to be using the boxes, in harsh conditions, or packing anything really valuable in the boxes.

Experts recommend a variety of sturdier packaging in some situations. Corrugated plastic cardboard boxes are a favorite of some. Also, creative packaging using pallets ans shrink wrap has been an alternative.

Sure you can get smaller cardboard boxes, but what is a box? Its a square so is not going to be able to fit into tight spaces, thus not saving all the space you can get. For the damaging properties aspect of the cardboard storage there are many different damaging liquids, that can seep through the cardboard, and get right into your valuable materials. So you want to make sure you take extra pre-caution when using these cardboard storage boxes.