How To Make Decorative Storage Boxes

When Christmas time rolls around we find ourselves caught up in wrapping paper and bows. It is also the best time of year to sit down with your kids and create gifts out of simple arts and crafts. It allows you to turn something simple and create something that is bright, colorful, and practical.

A great thing that you can make with your children are decorative storage boxes that they can use around their room. Gather up boxes of different sizes and shapes. They can be small enough to hold pencils, pens, and other stationary items or large enough to fit toys and anything they might collect.

Have your kids look through old pictures, magazines, or coloring books and cut out different things that they like. They can choose flowers and plants or their favorite actor. While they do that you need to take unused wrapping paper and cut out parts of it into different shapes.

Clean out all of the boxes so that there is no dust on the surface of them. This will allow the glue to adhere to the boxes. When they are drying ask your kids how they want their box to look and try to come up with a plan.

Lay down every image that they chose to use and glue them to the box. To make it more stylish you can wrap the outside completely with wrapping paper and place the images on top of this. Dip a paintbrush in decoupage glue and apply a light layer onto the box. Place the image over the glue and press down.

Use a damp rag to smooth out any lines or bubbles in the image. Be gentle when you do this so that you do not tear anything. You might not get out every wrinkle so don’t force anything to happen. This type of glue takes awhile to dry. Sit it in a separate area overnight.

Apply a light coat of the decoupage glue over the images and again let it set and dry. Sand each of the boxes down with fine grain sandpaper or a steel wool pad to buff out the top layer of glue. When you do this right it will give it a type of matte finish.